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Dr Bloom is amazing! I brought my English Setter to five different doctors regarding his chronic ear infections before I found Dr. Bloom. Dr Bloom diagnosed and treated him with utmost care..His severe ear infection was finally resolved and my dog and I couldn't be happier! The staff is very friendly, compassionate, professional and always on time!

~Melinda Harris



Genuinely care for the animals who are taken in. Helped my cat, who was barely eating and withering away, bounce back!

~Nicholas Mouzourakis



Great environment and wonderful people who know what they are doing. They clearly love animals.

~Cindi Hopkins



Dr Bloom is very knowledgeable about skin conditions and allergies. My dog Jack was seen yesterday and I am excited to see how it works.

~Susan Slepetski



Extremely caring and personable very knowledgeable thorough excellent follow thru - Very confident in Dr Bloom and all staff

~Lori Martich



Had a very pleasant experience at Bloom. Took our kitten there for the first time. Staff and facility was wonderful.

~Lisa Carlson



Dr. Bloom is extremely qualified. The staff are all friendly and knowledgeable.

~Paula Maus


Hello…..my name is Lisa and I have a wonderful, sweet Clumber Spaniel by the name of Gracie. Gracie has severe allergies to many things environmental and other, and the effects of these allergies have worsened over time – she is now 10 years old. For nearly the past two years we have been fighting a severe ear infection that became a horrible ear and eye infection. Under the guidance of Gracie’s home veterinarian (who is great) we tried many different courses of treatment. None of these treatments could knock out the infections.

Going to a veterinary specialist had been suggested to me before, but I was sure that we could take care of this – after all it was primarily just a really bad ear infection. Gracie’s Vet finally said that he felt she really needed to go to a specialist...that he wasn’t sure what more he could do. Wanting to get my baby well, I called the veterinarian recommended by Gracie’s Doctor, and we went to see Dr. Bloom. That was June 14, 2016.

After the consultation, where I learned that Gracie’s condition was much more extensive than realized (she had infections in her ears and eyes, and on her skin), I made arrangements for Gracie to begin treatment on June 30th. Dr. Bloom was incredibly thorough, but more importantly he and his staff treated Gracie with care and compassion – she was a very sick dog. Gracie and I left that day armed with medications and a plan for treatment, which we followed with great attention. We returned to Dr. Bloom on July 9th and again on July 22nd…each time Gracie showed marked improvement. It is now July 26th, only 26 days since starting the prescribed treatment from Dr. Bloom, and Gracie is doing tremendously better. She is returning to her old self again, and I am so happy for her. This recovery process would not have happened without the kindness and expert care of Dr. Bloom and his staff.

I am so very grateful to Dr. Bloom and the staff at Bloom Animal Hospital, I cannot express in words how much they have done for Gracie and for me. To see her suffering made my heart sick. Now to see her coming back to health and being happy again has given me relief and joy, and there is no amount thanks great enough for rescuing my girl. I would recommend Dr. Bloom to any and all – he is fantastic.

Dr. Bloom, you have gone above and beyond, both personally and professionally to help my sweet Gracie. You have my utmost respect and gratitude for all that you have done. God Bless you and your staff.

~Lisa Miller

The doctor and staff were excellent. Very informative and kind. Doctor Bloom was very informative and knowledgeable. He was very decisive and confident which I appreciated. The techs were very nice and helpful... and very informative. -6/2016

You never made us feel rushed and always want the best for our beloved pets, even evil mousie! -6/2016

I want to thank you so much for all of the loving care you gave to Max! He was such a joy in our lives and you helped to make his time with us a lot more comfortable. - 3/2016

Thank you for caring for an helping with Misty. Everyone's thoughtfullness and concern were greatly appreciated. -3/2016

Posted by Tanner's Family on 2/16/16 
My baby is Tanner, a black lab who is almost five years old. He had foreign body surgery when he was a year old. After that his body spun out of control. I had no idea what to do for him. He is the most lovable full of life pup. Somehow I was able to find Dr. Bloom and his staff. I have never in my life met a doctor/vet like Dr. Bloom. Tanner was a hard case to have break through. Dr. Bloom continued to search for the best treatment for Tanner as we waited for Apoquel to be released from the FDA. Dr. Bloom doesn't rush through the appointment he takes the time to look every inch of your pet's body and gathers every piece of the puzzle. Tanner is still in need of treatment however we have moved to Florida. I must say it is a heartbreaking position to leave Dr. Bloom and his staff. Carrie and Holly were so amazing with Tanner. He loves going here. For awhile I drove 24 hours from Florida to Michigan with both my dogs because I love this practice so much. I wish I could still do it. If I am able to drive again with them I will come back here every time with Tanner. Tanner has improved greatly for the treatment Dr. Bloom put in place. If you have a pet you love who suffers from any type of allergy you must come to this office. You will see results. Tanner and I will miss all of you terribly. XO

Posted by the Daniels family on 7/1/2015 
I love Carrie and Holly. They both our fabulous with Tanner. They both make us feel like we belong there. 

Posted by [email protected] on 5/29/15 
Dr. Bloom and ALL the staff made us feel very welcome and well taken care of. 

Posted by anonymous on 5/27/15 
I received excellent care.  The doctor and tech were wonderful with me and my dog. I had questions answered.  They went above and beyond to help, to research and to provide excellent information and care.  I am grateful.

Posted by [email protected] on 4/14/15 
My dog doesn't usually do well in that environment but he was very relaxed and loved Dr. Bloom!  I learned a lot about my dog's allergies and how to treat them.  It was a very informative visit. 

Posted by [email protected] on 5/12/15 
All of the techs and Dr. bloom are friendly, nice, and genuinely concerned about my pet.

Posted By: Ashley 
Posted 4/27/2015  

I am writing this review to tell you how amazing Dr.Bloom and his team are!! Crosby has a pretty bad case of Atopic Dermatitis. I was almost loosing hope. After countless vet visits, and seeing Crosby in discomfort night after night. I finally decided to make an appointment with Dr.Bloom, which was the best decision I ever made!!! Dr.Bloom's knowledge of skin and allergies in animals is absolutely outstanding. His credentials alone just impress me! He helped Crosby so much, and he is almost back to normal now. We are now looking at long term treatments for Crosby , so he doesn't get out of hand like he did. If you are experiencing allergy or skin related issues, CALL DR.BLOOM. I am telling you, you will not regret it. Two words, AMAZING and THANKFUL. Thank you Dr.Bloom and staff, especially Sue ;) for making my baby better! 

Posted By: Kelly Cismoski 
Posted 10/31/2014 

Our baby Griffin is a six year old puggle who is a patient of Dr Blooms. We came to the clinic as a recommendation from our vet who couldn't diagnose or treat Griffin's ouchy paws for the last year. We have been getting treatment from Dr Bloom and his staff for a couple of months now and we are turning a corner for the positive with Griffin and he is improving. Not only are we delighted but I can tell you as a nurse, I have never met a more dedicated and efficient group than the staff at this office. Holly and the rest of the staff have been an essential element in Griffins recovery and are caring, compassionate, and dedicated to the pets they serve. We are very grateful for Dr Bloom and his wonderful staff.

Posted By: Katherine Kalaydjian
Posted 4/4/2014

It took almost two months to rescue Kokoa.  He was an approximately 4 month old cat living in a parking lot and nearby field in Texas.  His eyes were full of infection, ears had mites, fur was matted, and he had lost half of his tail – most likely to frost bite.  A frightened little boy but even then his loving personality and desire to be loved was apparent.

After bringing him home to Michigan we always spoke of his rough start in life not realizing his struggles  were far from over.  At age 9 he started getting a tiny black scab on his pink nose.  The scab would drop off and come and go but the veterinarian at the time did not seem concerned.  By age 12 the tiny black scab started growing larger.   The veterinarian placed him on an antibiotic to clear the scab and said we would “watch it.”   However once off the antibiotic, the scab would re-appear quickly, and was now covering half of his nose.  It was time to look for a new direction.  After much research looking for a board certified skilled specialist I found Dr. Paul Bloom of Bloom Animal Hospital.  

It was May 2013 when Kokoa had his first appointment with Dr. Bloom and I could see by the doctor’s reaction we were dealing with a serious set of problems.  Kokoa had needed both a biopsy on the nose as well as his ear.  The biopsies were sent to Michigan State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the result was Bowen disease on his nose and a basosquamous carcinoma on his ear.  Dr. Bloom removed the ear lesion to clean margins and removed that threat immediately.  However for the Bowen disease Dr. Bloom contacted MSU Veterinary Hospital for treatment.  With the help, knowledge, and expertise of Dr. Isabelle Vanhaezebrouck Kokoa started radiation therapy on August 15th 2013.  Most radiotherapy has a cure rate of 90% on superficial lesions.  Kokoa was not so lucky.  His disease had quite a hold over him.  But Dr. Isabelle Vanhaezebrouck did not give up on him.  After the second round of radiation on October 2nd 2013 a third form of skin cancer, basal cell was discovered on Kokoa’s abdomen.   Dr. Bloom immediately removed a large section of skin on his abdomen.  Thankfully he confirmed clean margins and no further treatment were needed for the basal cell.   Unfortunately we were not finished with the Bowens Disease.  The black scab was about two thirds gone but still a small section persisted.   On January 22nd, 2014 Kokoa had another round of radiation at Michigan State with Dr. Vanhaezebrouck.

Over the last 9 months, Dr. Bloom and Dr. Vanhaezebrouck, have worked together to combat (3) different forms of cancer.  Kokoa today is scab free on his nose and the cancer on his ear and abdomen has no reoccurrence.  He is back to jumping, playing, and demanding of attention he so deserves. Always waiting by the door for one of us to come home.

There are not any words that can begin to capture the gratitude we have for Dr. Bloom and Dr. Vanhaezebrouck. I learned Dr. Vanhaezebrouk was instrumental in bringing radiation therapy technology for Bowens Disease to MSU and the State of Michigan. Her dedication and passion to ending this terrible disease is truly inspirational.  It was not only Dr. Blooms and Dr. Vanhaezebrouck's expertise, guidance, and care that saved Kokoa…..it was their determination to never give up on him.  We will always be forever grateful.

Thank you Dr. Paul Bloom, Dr. Isabelle Vanhaezebrouck, and Michigan State Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Michigan State University.

Posted By :    Penny Ventrone  ([email protected])
Posted :    2/8/2013

Comments :    We adopted our Bullmastiff, Rosie when she was two-years old. She came to us with no known medical history, but an obvious problem with her ears. Over the next year, Rosie's ear problems would seem to get better, and then get bad again. In addition, she scratched so much she would bleed. We just assumed she would never sleep through the night and the accidents she was having in the house were part of what we had to deal with as her family. During an Internet search I happened across Dr. Bloom's clinic web site. It was a life changing moment. Within minutes of examining Rosie, Dr. Bloom had identified multiple issues. Her ear canal was so swollen, he couldn't get a good look into her ear and she was fully covered in a yeast infection. Rosie had also suffered from consistently loose stools and Dr. Bloom helped me understand the potential colitis issue. I was oblivious to all of this before the visit. They did all the tests and gave me treatments that day. I never expected the thorough and compassionate exam and treatment Rosie received that first day. I left with confidence that Rosie could be cured. Subsequent visits were equally productive and informative. Dr. Bloom and his techs took the time to explain everything and answer all my questions. Our first visit was just before Thanksgiving. Today, the following February, Rosie received a clean bill of health. As I write this, Rosie is laying contently beside me. She hasn't scratched, shook, or needed to go outside the entire time. She hasn't had an accident in the house since shortly after we started the treatment, and we get to sleep through the night, because she sleeps through the night. What a change from last November! Dr. Bloom and his staff are some of the most compassionate and thorough pet professionals I have every encountered. I always felt I had their full attention and they were genuinely concerned about what was best for Rosie. They were also compassionate to her family who was paying the bill and gave me some payment options so that Rosie's treatment could continue on schedule. I will forever be grateful that Rosie and I found Dr. Bloom and Techs Breigh and Kara. It is impossible to measure the improvement in the quality of Rosie's life, and our life with Rosie. Skip the Internet research. Take your pet to Dr. Bloom's clinic!

Posted By :    Jeri and David Andersen  ([email protected])
Posted :    12/9/2012

Comments :    Princess, our gorgeous long hair cat, has had allergy problems as long as she has been our cat. Until our local vet referred us to ADC she continued to have painful polyps in her ears. Dr. Bloom has been an extremely knowledgable and caring advocate regarding what was best for Princess. The allergy shots we give her have made her life much happier. Just recently she was in another crisis, and once again Dr Bloom came through for Princess and for us, and ou r lives are back to normal. We deeply appreciate the care we have received.

Posted By :    Joann Tylka
Posted :    8/29/2012

Comments :    Rosie is our Treeing Walker Coonhound. She was an abused rescue. For the last 3 years she has had oozing sores over her body and had been treated regularly by 2 other veteranarians with no cure, just a constant aray of different antibiotics. Dr Bloom and his staff gave Rosie a nose to tail examination and within a couple hours had solutions for Rosie's problems. I am amazed at her progress in just one week. She is 90% clear. The staff has been awesome, they call each day to check on her progress. I can't wait until her next visit so Dr. Bloom can see her improvements.

Posted By :    Tracy Dulak  ([email protected])
Posted :    5/25/2011

Comments :    I am a veterinarian in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Last August, (2010)I started working with a 14-year German Shepherd named Illa. She presented with 2 very large deep wounds over her hips. They were both about 4 inches in diameter. To make matters worse, the wounds were infected with 4 very resistent bacterial bugs. Most people (medical professionals included) I discussed this case with ... recommended that we euthanize her. They felt that we could not cure her, given the severity of the infection. However, her owners were not convinced that it was the right thing to do and Illa had an amazing will to live. So, we forged forward ! I eventually caught up with Dr. Bloom who worked with me (over the phone and via email)along with a veterinary histopathologist at Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine (also over the phone) to develop yet another strategy. Amazingly, 10 months later Illa is 15 years old and is FINALLY healed !! last week I visited her at her home, where she literally ran out to greet me. I am inspired by Illa and her parent's commitment to her recovery AND exceptionally grateful to Dr. Bloom for his expert advice and support with this difficult case. It would not have been a success without his help !! He worked with me to develop some creative ways to solve this problem when most others would have given up. Thank you !! And, even though Illa never met Dr. Bloom ... she is grateful to him too !!

Posted By :    Paula
Posted :    2/14/2011

Comments :    My Molly, a Bichon Frise, just celebrated her 16th birthday! She's been treated by Dr. Bloom for 10 years and is still going strong! At age 6, she developed allergies-ear infections, licked her feet, would bite her tail until she caused a wound. My original veterinarian placed Molly on special food, treated her tail etc. Nothing seemed to work! Finally he telephoned Dr. Bloom for a consultation. Dr. Bloom stated that allergic Bichon's have a tendency to target one particular area (her tail). Molly was treated by Dr. Bloom within days, placed on allergy medication (2x monthly), and has been happy & healthy ever since. Treatment is easy, check-ups are only once a year (or as needed). Molly has been on the same regimen for 10 years. Dr. Bloom taught me the signs to watch for in case I needed to increase her medication during a particularly bad allergy season. And Molly's been comfortable ever since! Thank you, Dr. Bloom! You're the best!

Posted By :    Lindsay G
Posted :    12/6/2010

Comments :    I have a 2 year old boxer named Brooklyn(born Oct 2008). I brought her home at 8 weeks old. Ever since 12 weeks old Brooklyn has been a mess. She has had consistent ear infections, skin infections and staff infections. She itches her skin until she bleeds and keeps going all the while crying. No place is left unitched, ears, muzzle, neck, armpits, you name it. Multiple trips to the vet did little to help or diagnose her problems and she has been on steroids shortly after her life began with no solution in sight. The steroids helped to some degree with the itching, but did not prevent infections and vet visits. She also couldn't control her bladder because of the constant steroids and wasn't potty trained until almost 1 1/2 years old because of it. We eventually switched vets and our new vet referred us to Dr. Bloom. We started seeing Dr. Bloom in March of 2010. She first saw Dr. Bloom as a miserable, bloody, itchy puppy. Her skin had actually lost fur and turned black where she relentlessy itched. The results have been amazing!! She is off steroids and working on a permanent medication regemin. Although she still has her flare ups, she rarely itches. I went from thinking I would have to leave my puppy on steroids her whole life and have her die young of the effects of the steroids and still have the painful infections pop up to having my happy healthy puppy back again, being a puppy! Her brother Bronx, a littermate with absolutely no allergies, is happier than ever to have his rambunctious sister back at play! We couldn't thank Dr. Bloom or his staff more for the gift they've given us, a healthy puppy!

Posted By :    Ann Frances Jerzowski  ([email protected])
Posted :    8/27/2010

Comments :    I recently lost my gorgeous, sensitive, loving, faithful companion, Jesse. Jesse was a beautiful Maltese. He was so very cute people constantly thought he was a girl! (I had to add "James" as his 2nd name!) Jesse and I have visited Dr. Bloom and his caring staff for many years. I was referred by Serenity Animal Hospital when Jesse's ear infections would not clear up. He was a real trooper for his allergy injections (which were weekly for many, many years). Dr. Bloom helped him tremendously. One of the most important tips Dr. Bloom gave us years ago was, "Stop plucking". Plucking really hurt my Jesse. He was a very hairy guy in his ears ... but that was natural for him! Dr. Bloom took every precaution to make my Jesse as comfortable as possible and always, always was very careful to keep Jesse as pain-free as possible. I would heartily recommend Dr. Bloom to any animal lover who needed his services. I miss my Jesse more than words can say, but I feel I did my best to care for him in the short 11 years I was blessed to have him......... and I believe Dr. Bloom and his staff greatly assisted me and my boy.

Posted By :    Scott and Sue  ([email protected])
Posted :    8/24/2010

Comments :    Mickey, a black lab, had been having health problems since she was a puppy. She would suffer from ear infections, bladder infections, UTIs and her stomach would turn pink when she walked on grass. She would periodically break out into a few sores. We had taken her to 3 other vets and only one suggested she had allergies. Mickey's symptoms got progressively worse over time and we decided to take her to see Dr.Bloom. It was our last hope. When Dr.Bloom saw her for the first time he had already gone over her entire medical history from all of the other vets. She was covered in oozing sores literally from head to toe. Mickey was miserable and there was grave concern if she would survive. Dr.Bloom ordered several tests to be done and had us start bathing her in a special soap. He also ordered several tests. When the results came he had us start giving her daily shots. This helped but not enough. Dr.Bloom is so dedicated that he conferred with several other vets from around the country. It was decided that Mickey needed the shots intravenously which we were not capable of of doing. We would bring Mickey to the office and on the days the office was closed including holidays Sue (an important member of Dr.Bloom's staff), would come to the house to take care of Mickey. Due to Br.Bloom's determination and his staff's dedication Mickey began improving. She had to get the shots for several months which would make most animals skiddish to go around their caregiver but the staff is so caring and compassionate she was always and continues to be excited to see everyone. Her goofy character has remained unchanged for all she has been through. As Mickey healed and grew stronger we saw the happy playful dog we knew get excited again about going for walks, car rides and running in the park. Her maintenance care is simple things we can do at home but we make sure she goes for her routine check ups. We truly believe that Dr.Bloom and his staff saved a very important member of our family for which we are forever grateful.

Posted By :    Catherine Kiehl
Posted :    5/16/2010

Comments :    We brought our cat, Leo, to Bloom Animal Hospital after our veterinarian recommended we see a specialist to treat his condition. At this point, we weren't sure what was wrong with him and we were very worried and frustrated. When we first saw Dr. Bloom, Leo was very itchy and had a significant amount of hair loss. Dr. Bloom got us in right away and extensively reviewed Leo's entire medical history and determined a course of action. He answered all of our questions and provided us with several treatment options. Unfortunately, with pet allergies there is a bit of a "trial and error" period - especially in our case given the fact that Leo has a heart condition - so it's not always possible to get answers right away. Between Leo's visits, I called the office daily and the staff was always able to answer my questions or would promptly follow up with me if they didn't have the answer. I truly believe the staff at Bloom Animal Hospital are nothing short of angels. They always helped calm me down and assured me that everything was going to be alright. Each and every person we dealt with was amazing and I always knew that Leo was receiving the best possible care. I'm happy to report that Leo is doing great and he's back to happy and healthy self again! I can't thank Dr. Bloom and his staff enough for everything they have done for us. Without him, Leo would not have gotten better. He is an amazing doctor and an even more amazing person. His love for animals is evident and I'm thankful each and every day that he was able to help my furbaby. It's comforting to know that should Leo have any dermatology problems in the future, Dr. Bloom and his staff will be just a phone call away.

Posted By :    Vikki Thomas
Posted :    5/31/2009

Comments :    I brought my cat, Ecco, to be tested for allergies. I was so impressed with Dr. Bloom and his staff. Their attention to detail was incredible! A few things that come to mind are: 1) Dr. Bloom taking the time to read through records I brought (pages of typed notes), along with records from our regular vet, before he even met with me; 2) Dr. Bloom coming into the room with a laptop so he could reference Ecco's records (and I believe also for adding notes during our visit); and 3) Taking the towel out of Ecco's carrier and putting him on this instead of directly on the examining table, in order to comfort Ecco. Also, when Dr. Bloom explained things, he was very thorough. I'm a note taker and I didn't have to write anything down because they did all that for me and gave me a printout at the end of our appointment with everything we discussed. I remember leaving the office and thinking, "Wow"! They really did leave an impression on me.

Posted By :    Missy  (baseballcardbu[email protected])
Posted :    10/17/2008

Comments :    My 2 ½ year old Rottweiler Zeus started having trouble with his allergies, back in March of 2008. It started with dandruff and dry coat, then led to ear infections, anal gland problems, and of course licking and itching. My regular vet (Allen Animal Hospital) suggested allergies, but never gave me anymore info on treatment or anything. One day while driving, I spotted Bloom Allergy Clinic and called them. At our consultation appointment, Dr.Bloom was very thorough in examining my dog and made sure that I understood everything, even if it meant explaining it three times over. He would just explain it in different terms until I understood it. He thought it was important for me to understand. Zeus ended up having a skin infection on his belly and on the flaps of his ears, he also has colitis, which Dr. Bloom says stems from his allergies. We have been to see Dr. Bloom for several rechecks and the skin infection on his belly is gone and the colitis seems to be getting under control. He is still having some trouble with his ears, because he keeps having reactions to the medications. His dandruff is gone and his coat looks absolutely beautiful. So far, Dr. Bloom has managed to do all of this without the us of steroids! I am very thankful about this and hope we don’t have to go that route in the future, not long term anyhow. I definitely recommend Dr. Bloom to you if your pet has allergies. He is very knowledgeable and it is obvious that he truly cares about all of his patients and their owners! He even calls the office on his days off to check on all his patients, and takes emergency calls at home after hours. Even though Bloom Allergy Clinic is a little on the expensive side, it is worth every penny for the care that Zeus has received, and the peace of mind that I have. I believe that Zeus’s allergies will be under control completely in a short time, thanks to Dr. Bloom and his wonderful staff, and Zeus will be a happy boy! Melissa

Posted By :    Pat Johnson
Posted :    10/16/2008

Comments :    I took Finn to see Dr. Bloom a few months ago because he was constantly scratching and his back had open sores all over. He did so much better after we figured out a solution to his allergy problems, and I know he had a much better quality of life after Dr. Bloom's help. Thanks so much for your interest and compassion.

Posted By :    Kimberly Parvin
Posted :    10/5/2008

Comments :    My dog, Jasper, had been suffering since 2005 with what our Vet had called the worst case of allergies he had ever treated. Loss of hair, ear and skin infections that would not clear up. We were at the vets office every few months and on many medications, but nothing helped. He was absolutely miserable and my daughter and I were at our wits end. Jasper's itching was so bad that he had very little hair left and we could not leave him alone. We had to coordinate one of us being at home at all times and right before our first visit with Dr. Bloom in May, we could not even leave him alone in a room by himself, he was in such misery that he would pull out clumpfulls of what little hair he had left. Dr. Bloom attached the ear and skin infections before he could test Jasper for allergies. He is now taking allergy shots and we now have our lives back. Jasper is happy and out of any kind of pain or itching. I can't say enough about Dr. Bloom and his staff. People who now see Jasper cannot believe how his hair and skin looks and that he no longer is miserable. I would recommend to anyone who has a pet with allergies to definitely go to Dr. Bloom. In a little over 4 months our dog is happy and healthy again. My only regret is that we did not bring Jasper to Dr. Bloom years ago.

Posted By :    Kimberly & Chuck Bigelow
Posted :    4/16/2008

Comments :    We came to Bloom's clinic with our bloodhound/lab mix 7 year old dog, who had a history of severe, chronic ear infections, for which we could not find relief at two previous vet's we went to. Dr. Bloom had requested and thoroughly reviewed Liberty's records, covering every detail of her previous care and accommodated us with an appointment the same afternoon. I was very impressed with Dr. Bloom's expertise, sincerity and sympathy for our situation. He was able to diagnose and treat Liberty, and we feel he saved her from continued agony with allergies and chronic ear infections. We also had Liberty's teeth cleaned, which we had not considered doing in the past, and we saw a huge improvement in her overall temperment/health as a result. In addition, Liberty is now receiving acupuncture treatment from Dr. Flannigan in this office, which is helping Liberty with her orthopedic problems. Best of all, the whole "team" in the office is knowledgeable, professional, very kind and understanding, and is helpful in every way. My Liberty's care has been outstanding and I would recommend that you visit Dr. Bloom. One more thing, this is the CLEANEST animal clinic I have ever seen - it does not have ANY odor whatsoever, throughout the whole office - I am impressed. Thank you Dr. Bloom, Dr. Flannigan and all the wonderful women who work with you (I only wish I could name you all)!Kimberly & Chuck Bigelow

Posted By :    Sharon Mc.
Posted :    1/30/2008

Comments :    Scooby had sores and discomfort year-round We're so glad that she was refered to Dr. Bloom. He diagnosed her allergies and precribed injections. Now she has only spring and fall flares which we can contol with additional medications. Dr. Bloom has been a helpful educator in all aspects of treatment. Thank You!

Posted By :    Faszczewski family  ([email protected])
Posted :    12/28/2007

Comments :    When we first met George he was almost bald, stinky and very sick. Despite his condition we fell in love with him. One month later and George is a completely different dog! He is happy, well adjusted and covered with hair. WE have never experienced such a caring staff. The treatment, love and compassion that all of you showed toward George was outstanding! Dr. Bloom called us on Christmas Eve to check on George. Who does that? That kind of dedication is very hard to come by in today's world. Our family will be forever grateful to all of the people who helped George become a part of our lives. He really is a dream come true for us. We always wanted an English Bulldog, and could not be happier that we've found him, thanks to Dr. Bloom and the staff. Although we live 3 and a half hours away we will continue to trust George's care to The Bloom Animal Hospital. Thank you for everything!!

Posted By :    Cindy Robinson  ([email protected])
Posted :    6/21/2007

Comments :    Cody Bear's hair has completely grown back thanks to Dr. Bloom. She was just a puppy when she developed her immune disease which resulted in loosing most of her hair and developed many sores. She is completely healed and has her puppy energy back and you would never know all that she went through. I can not thank you and your staff enough for the special care that Cody Bear received. We are so happy it all worked out and are very grateful.

Posted By :    JeffUH3kUw3s
Posted :    2/4/2007

Comments :    Laddie had very painful and smelly ears for years. Whenever we would try to pet his head he would jump. Since coming to Allergy and Dermatology Clinic his ear infections have cleared up and he is much more playful- not painful. I never knew that his ear infections were from allergies and that were veterinarians that were specialists in dermatology and ear problems. I am very grateful to my veterinarian for referring me and for Dr Bloom for helping Laddie be a happy dog again

Posted By :    Cindy Brandys
Posted :    1/29/2007

Comments :    Cocoa's skin condition has greatly improved since coming to the Allergy & Dermatology Clinic. Her fur is now thick & luxurious. Her body odor has disappeared. She, also, has so much more energy.