Meet the Staff



Sue Ross - Fear Free Certified

Sue Ross is our office manager and certified dermatology and dental technician. She has been working here since June of 1989. She graduated from Michigan State University's Veterinary Technology program. She has 2 dogs and 2 cats (the cats would not participate in the photo session). Bison was adopted from Golden Retriever Rescue last year and Hubble has been is her family since 2004. She recently added Willow to the family. She is a Leader Dog for the Blind "career change" dog that flunked out due to allergies. She is an 18 month old black lab. She has 2 children, Tim and Kristen and Kristen is one of the kennel assistants here. Hobbies are going up north, scrap booking and football.


Licensed Veterinary Technicians:

Marcy W. LVT - Fear Free Certified

Marcy W. LVT, a licensed veterinary technician, has been working at the Allergy, Skin and Ear Clinic for Pets since 1992. She has 2 furry feline friends of her own along with 2 pitbulls named Edwin and Chucky.


Carrie D., LVT - Fear Free Certified

Carrie D, LVT has been working at the Allergy, Skin and Ear Clinic for Pets since May of 1998. She graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Wayne County Community College in 2003. Carrie is a Licensed Veterinary Technician in addition to being the Kennel Staff supervisor. Carrie is the proud owner of 3 cats- Zorro, Oscar, Kitty and 1 dog – Sookie who is the queen of balancing treats on her nose.


Bree L., LVT - Fear Free Certified

Bree L., LVT has worked in the veterinary field since 2007 and completed the Veterinary Technology program at Wayne County Community College in 2011. She is also certified dental technician. She has been with Bloom Animal Hospital since December 2011. Bree has 3 pets– a Pit bull mix named Kiah, a Chihuahua named Zig and a cat named Snarf. She enjoys spending her free time playing sports, running with her dogs, continuing her education and spending time with her family.


Melinda H., LVT - Fear Free Certified

Melinda H., LVT Started working with animals in 2007, volunteering at a no kill animal shelter then began working at her first veterinary hospital in 2009. In 2013, she graduated the veterinary technician degree program from Wayne County Community College & was licensed in September of 2013. She lives with a very needy, but loveable cat, Leroy. Outside of her passion for animal care, she enjoys camping, cooking, & archery.


Veterinary Assistants:

Breigh D. CDT - Fear Free Certified

Breigh D. CDT, has been with us since June 2004 with a background in general practice and emergency/critical care. She is certified by the American Society of Veterinary Dental Technicians and also has a certification in veterinary dermatology. She went to California in January 2012 and worked in a specialty/emergency practice and has now returned to us in August 2012. Breigh volunteers for Michigan Orphan Kitten Rescue and enjoys reading, music, gardening and spending time with her husband Michael and their 1 year old son Trent. She has 2 cats; Kitty, 3 and Mellie, 18.


Kara G., CDT - Fear Free Certified

Kara G., CDT, has been with us since April 2011. She has been working as a veterinary assistant since 1998. She is certified by the American Society of Veterinary Dental Technicians. Kara has earned her teaching degree in 2006 and her master’s in 2010 from the University of Michigan – Dearborn. She enjoys applying what she has learned in her teacher training towards client education. If she sees you and your pet, chances are, you may be given a pop quiz or assigned some homework. Kara has two furry, four-legged kids and one two-legged one. This is her beagle, Flint. He was born in 2001 and still thinks he’s a puppy, don’t let the gray fool you! They run and rollerblade together and have even participated in road races. He graduated at the top of his obedience training class and hopes to try some agility training soon!